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What is the name of the 2nd note in the scale?
a) Re
b) George
c) Ti
d) Note

If a scale starts on C and ends on C, what scale is it?
a) C
b) B
c) D
d) G

What note name is missing? Do, Re, ___, Fa.....
a) Mi
b) Ti
c) La
d) Sol

What kind of beat is used in jazz music?
a) Swing Beat
b) Strong Beat
c) Music Beat
d) Good Beat

How many notes does a major scale have?
a) 8
b) 14
c) 26
d) 10

Why is a scale important?
a) It is how the notes are organized
b) It is fun to play
c) It makes a rhythm
d) It sounds good

A person who writes music is called a....?
a) Composer
b) Chef
c) Conductor
d) Cab driver

What musical word means LOUD or SOFT?
a) Dynamics
b) Tempo
c) Scale
d) Jazz

Where was jazz music first played?
a) America
b) Europe
c) Africa
d) Hospital

A musical group such as an ORCHESTRA, CHORUS or BAND is called...
c) The STAFF

What does IMPROVISATION mean?
a) To play a MADE UP melody or rhythm
b) To play a song as written on the page
c) To play a steady beat
d) To make yourself better

What music word means FAST or SLOW?
a) Tempo
b) Rhythm
c) Dynamics
d) Composer

Where was jazz music first played?
a) America
b) Europe
c) Hospital
d) Africa

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