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You are a professor and you want to find the average score for Project 3, where would you type the word, Avearage
a) A9
b) I10
c) A10
d) D10

You want to find the Average score for Choi, where would you type the word Average
a) A10
b) I6
c) A11
d) I3

You have to do a presentation on your Final grades in a pie chart, what information needs to be selected
a) A3:A9, CTRL G3: G9
b) A4:A9 CTRL G4:G9
c) G4:G9
d) A1:A9 CTRL G1: G9

What is missing from the chart
a) title
b) x and y axis
c) title and x/y axis
d) nothing is wrong with the chart

What would you name the bottom axis
a) students
b) grades
c) project
d) chemistry

Which tab and group will allow you to add the chart and axis information
a) Insert, Chart
b) Design, Layout
c) Layout, Labels
d) Layout, Location

You want to make a bar chart that represents Project 1 and Exam 1 information. What information would you select/highlight.
a) A1: A9, B3:B9, E3:E9
c) B3:B9 CTRL E3:E9
d) A3:A9 CTRL B3:B9 CTRL E3:E9

You want to find the Max grade for Exam 2, in what cell reference would you calculate this information.f
a) F10
b) A10
c) I10
d) B10

Which title is best for this chart
a) Students grades
b) Semester 1 Project 1-3 Chemistry grades
c) Chemistry grades
d) Grades

How do you remove Abbott from the legend
a) Design Tab, Select Data, Remove
b) Layout tab, Delete
c) Switch Rows and Columns
d) Layout Tab, Move Location

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