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The runner was last in the race. He began to feel great duress to get ahead of the other racers. He needed to win to keep his standing in the sport. What does duress mean?
a) belief
b) order
c) view
d) pressure

The fish made my line twitch, so I gave it a pull. What does twitch mean?
a) fall
b) break
c) jerk
d) bend

An evanescent ring surrounded the moon as it rose. It was there for a moment, and then it disappeared. What does evanescent mean?
a) bright
b) brief
c) full
d) ongoing

Matt has such a kind disposition that he always helps people. What does disposition mean?
a) doctor
b) attitude or way
c) show-off
d) enemy

Ellie is a blithe young girl. She always greets everyone with a smile. What does blithe mean?
a) sad
b) angry
c) cheery
d) unhappy

My snacks are kept in the pantry in the kitchen. What does pantry mean?
a) shelf
b) draw
c) box
d) food closet

The feisty dog had to stay in a cage so no one would get hurt. What does feisty mean?
a) happy
b) touchy, mean
c) sleepy
d) friendly

The boy acted in a humane way when taking care of the lost dog. What does humane mean?
a) hurtful
b) bad
c) caring
d) mean

The sky was dark and eerie looking before the storm. What does eerie mean?
a) cloudy
b) black
c) grey
d) mysterious or scary

Because the birds began their migration in Texas, they didn't have to travel very far to fly south. What does migration mean?
a) chirping
b) clucking
c) singing
d) moving around

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