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The girls languidly put on their jackets as if they had no energy at all. What does languidly mean?
a) energy-less
b) actively
c) energetically
d) quickly

Brad made a cursory effort to finish his homework. This was unlike him; usually he worked hard to finish before dinner. What does cursory mean?
a) valid
b) insincere
c) actual
d) genuine

My most humiliating day was probably the day that I was mortified when I looked down and noticed that I had on one black shoe and one brown shoe. What does mortified mean?
a) excited
b) humiliated
c) proud
d) brave

I don't think we'll need to utilize, or use, the hand cart to haul in the computers. What does utilize mean?
a) make
b) destroy
c) use
d) build

We made tentative plans with the restaurant, even though we were still undecided when we would have her party. What does tentative mean?
a) uncertain
b) definite
c) certain
d) sure

I thought the painting of the waves crashing into the shore was very picturesque, but I thought the one next to it was quite ugly. What does picturesque mean?
a) colorful
b) large
c) soothing
d) attractive

A noxious smell filled the building. The unpleasant odor made many people feel sick. What does noxious mean?
a) wonderful
b) disgusting
c) fragrant
d) pleasant

Gilbert was nonplussed about being called to the office, but once he got there, he understood that he was being awarded for his attendance. What does nonplussed mean?
a) affected
b) confused
c) urged
d) nauseated

The pile of work before Grant was insurmountable because there wasn't enough time to get it all done. What does insurmountable mean?
a) peaceful
b) can't be overcome
c) easy
d) super

Sheila's incredulous attitude frustrated the rest of us because we were trying to tell her the truth about her best friend. What does incredulous mean?
a) innocent
b) formal
c) violent
d) unbelieving

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