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Which of the following is true about heredity?
a) Heredity means that traits come from your environment
b) Heredity means the traits that come from your parents
c) Traits you get from heredity can be learned in your life
d) A tan on your skin from the sun is an example of a trait that comes from heredity

How do parents pass traits on by heredity?
a) By passing on copies of their chromosomes
b) By teaching their children about themselves
c) By passing on experiences that parents learned in their life to their children
d) By passing on proteins to their children

Two brown-haired parents have a red-headed child. How is this possible
a) Both parents dyed their hair brown
b) Both parents had a recessive gene for red hair
c) The child was exposed to too much sunlight turning his hair red
d) The child's grandparents must have had red hair

Which of the following would be the best example of an inherited trait?
a) Athletic abilities
b) A language
c) Teeth color
d) Blood type

Which of the following is the best example of a trait that can come from the environment?
a) How loud your voice is
b) Natural eye color
c) Blood type
d) Color of flower petals

An agave plant has giant spiny blue leaves. Which of the following explains an inherited trait of the plant?
a) How much water the leaves are holding
b) How big the leaves will grow
c) The color of the leaves
d) The amount of water the leaves will get

Joe thinks that blue eyes are dominant to green eyes. Which must be true?
a) A parent with blue eyes and a parent with green eyes will have a baby with blue eyes.
b) A parent with blue eyes and a parent with green eyes will have a baby with blue/green eyes
c) A parent with blue eyes and a parent with green eyes will have a baby with with green eyes
d) Two parents with blue eyes will have a child with brown eyes

Which of the following is true about recessive traits?
a) If there are more recessive traits than dominant traits the recessive will show up
b) If two recessive traits are together they will become dominant
c) If a dominant trait is around the recessive trait will not show up
d) If there are two dominant traits one will become recessive

If Alejandro wants a dog with spots which kind of dog should he breed his black dog with?
a) Another dog with black fur
b) A dog with spots
c) A dog with white fur
d) A brown dog

Which of the following explains why you look different from both of your parents?
a) You get different traits from each parent which combine to look different
b) You get traits only from your grandparents
c) Your traits are different than what both of your parents have
d) Your traits only come from 1 parent

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