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Which of the following is NOT an example of asexual reproduction?
a) A starfish regenerating limbs into new organisms
b) A queen bee going through parthenogenesis
c) Fertilizing a flower with pollen from another flower
d) Cloning a flower

Why is asexual reproduction helpful?
a) Asexual reproduction produces helpful and diverse traits
b) Asexual reproduction takes less time and energy
c) Offspring from asexual reproduction will grow faster
d) Offspring from asexual reproduction will reproduce more quickly

Which of the following explains why bees pollinating different flowers would be helpful to the flowers' offspring?
a) The offspring of the flowers will have diverse traits that could be helpful adaptations
b) The flowers do not have to spend as much time or energy finding a mate
c) The flowers' offspring will grow more quickly
d) The flowers' offspring will be more healthy because they have twice the number of chromosomes

Which of the following would have the most diverse offspring?
a) A cell dividing
b) A field of corn that grew from the seeds of many different corn plants
c) Starfish regenerating
d) Bees that are bred from one queen laying eggs without a mate

Which of the following would have the least diverse offspring
a) A komodo dragon that lays an egg from parthenogenesis
b) A flower pollinated by a bee
c) An egg cell that has combined with a sperm cell
d) A tree that receives pollen from other trees

A flower that reproduces asexually would have...
a) Twice the number of chromosomes as its parent and different chromosomes
b) The same exact number and kind of chromosomes from its parent
c) The same exact number of chromosomes as its parent but different kinds of chromosomes
d) Twice the number of chromosomes as its parent but exact copies of each chromosome.

Why would an organism that reproduces asexually look the same as its parent?
a) Because clones will try to look more like their parents
b) Because it will adapt to look like its parent
c) Because its parent makes sure that it looks the same
d) Because it has exact copies of chromosomes which will create the same proteins

Why would a snail that mates with another snail have stronger offspring than a snail that clones itself
a) The snail's offspring will have offspring that grow more quickly
b) The snail's offspring will have traits from both parents which could be helpful
c) The snail's offspring will have more chromosomes than a clone would
d) The snail's offspring would save energy because it came from two parents

Some turtles can lay eggs without being fertilized (sexual reproduction). Why is it better for offspring if turtles mate?
a) The turtle's offspring will be more diverse and less likely to get the same illnesses
b) The turtle's offspring will grow faster
c) The turtle's offspring will have half the number of chromosomes as its parents making it stronger
d) The turtle's offspring will be bigger

Why is it helpful for humans to reproduce sexually?
a) Humans would not have the same amount of genes if we reproduced asexually
b) We would not be as tall if we all reproduced asexually
c) It gives us variations in our traits like eye color, height, and hair color are strengths
d) Humans would be weaker if we reproduced asexually

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