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This type of rock can be intrusive or extrusive.
a) igneous rock
b) all of these can be intrusive or extrusive
c) sedimentary rock
d) metamorphic rock

Which of the following can return to magma?
a) igneous rock
b) all of these can return to magma
c) sedimentary rock
d) metamorphic rock

A model that shows how rocks are recycled from one type to another is the ________.
a) rock cycle
b) water cycle
c) Earth layers
d) erosion route

Which of the following is NOT a type of rock?
a) sedimentary
b) sediclastic
c) igneous
d) metamorphic

The type of mass movement that involves soil particles moving slowly downhill is called ____.
a) a landslide
b) erosion
c) slump
d) creep

If you saw long scratch marks on a flat rock surface you would suspect ____.
a) water erosion
b) chemical weathering
c) wind erosion
d) glacial erosion

Which of the following is NOT an agent of erosion?
a) ice
b) sunlight
c) gravity
d) water

The place where two plates pull apart is known as a _______ __________.
a) transform boundary
b) divergent boundary
c) convergent boundary
d) rift valley

Volcanic mountains are formed by ____.
a) lava
b) sliding
c) folding
d) gravity

A break in a layer of rock is called a ______.
a) fault
b) earthquake
c) rock cycle
d) line of separation

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