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What part of the plant would you expect to have the most storage of food (starch)?
a) Roots
b) Sepels
c) Flower
d) Stem

Which parts of the plants have the most storage of starch?
a) Roots and Seeds
b) Flower and Roots
c) Flower and Seeds
d) Roots and Stems

Xylem and phloem are the two types of
a) seeds
b) reactants
c) vascular tissue
d) flowers

The type of vascular tissue through which food moves is called
a) phloem
b) seeds
c) tubulars
d) xylem

The type of vascular tissue through which water moves is called
a) xylem
b) flower
c) tubulars
d) phloem

What are the tiny pores or openings that let carbon dioxide into leaves and oxygen out of leaves called?
a) xylem
b) bulbs
c) stomata
d) phloem

In addition to oxygen leaving through the openings in leaves, what else exits the leaf?
a) Carbon Dioxide
b) glucose
c) water (water vapor)
d) Minerals

What happens to iodine in the presence of starch?
a) It stays brown
b) Nothing
c) It turns purple-blue-black color
d) It bubbles

What happens to starch in consumers?
a) It is converted to sugar
b) It is converted to water
c) It is converted to salt
d) It breaksdown

What is the function of the vascular tissues?
a) to transport food and water to different parts of the plants
b) to carry food and water back to the roots
c) to carry only water through the plant
d) Stomata

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