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Connective tissure that attaches bone to bone
a) ligaments
b) tendon
c) smooth muscle
d) cardiac muscle

Stretchy fibers that help give the human body movement and strength
a) tendons
b) smooth muscle
c) skeletal muscle
d) ligaments

Type of involuntary muscle found only in the heart
a) Skeletal muscle
b) Cardiac muscle
c) tendon
d) ligaments

A connective tissue that joins muscles to bone
a) smooth muscle
b) cardiac muscle
c) ligaments
d) tendon

Muscles that are located in many organs
a) smooth muscles
b) skeletal muscles
c) ligaments
d) cardiac muscles

Two muscles that work opposite of each other
a) tendons and gluteus
b) quadriceps and hamstring
c) bicep and intercostals
d) soleus and triceps

Function of muscular system
a) maintain body temperature
b) posture
c) movement
d) All of these

Automatic Muscle
a) Cardiac muscle/heart
b) Bicep/arm
c) Hamstring/leg
d) Deltoid/arm

Smooth-Involuntary Muscles
a) Deltoid/arm
b) Bicep/arm
c) Stomach, Esophagus, Diaphragm
d) Hamstring/leg

Voluntary Muscle
a) Quadriceps
b) Heart
c) Stomach
d) Esophagus

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