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Procvicovani Slovesa To Be - Doplnovani Spravnych Tvaru Do Vet. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

She ___ a doctor.
a) is
b) not
c) am
d) are

I ___ Peter.
a) is
b) isn't
c) am
d) are

___ you a doctor?
a) Am
b) Are
c) Isn't
d) Is

Jane ___ from England.
a) aren't
b) are
c) isn't
d) not

Are you fine?
a) Yes, I fine.
b) No, I not.
c) Yes, I am.
d) No, I am.

Are they happy?
a) Yes, are they.
b) Yes, they aren't.
c) Yes, they happy.
d) Yes, they are.

___ are from the Czech Republic.
a) He
b) We
c) I
d) It

It ___ good.
a) are
b) aren't
c) am
d) isn't

She ___ eleven years old.
a) am
b) are
c) not
d) is

They ___ tall.
a) isn't
b) aren't
c) is
d) am

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