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Minerals Crystals are solids that form by a regular repeated pattern of molecules connecting together called
a) rocks
b) atoms
c) crystals
d) cleavage

Identification of minerals is based primarily on its ____ properties
a) chemical
b) physical
c) atomic
d) molecular

All minerals
a) have a definite chemical composition
b) are formed in nature
c) are organic
d) Both #1 and # 2

Minerals breaking along flat surfaces is called
a) fracture
b) hardness
c) crystallization
d) cleavage

Dragging a mineral along an unglazed tile will leave a characteriastic trail of powder behind called
a) rock dust
b) malleability
c) ductility
d) streak

Minerals are the ____________ of rocks.
a) building blocks
b) sediments
c) formations
d) opposite

Iron pyrite is sometimes called
a) magnetite
b) fool's gold
c) liquid gold
d) California Gold

Pencil lead is not lead; it is actually the mineral
a) magnetite
b) pencillium
c) hemattie
d) graphite

Minerals can be identified by hardness. The softest mineral is
a) gypsum
b) flourite
c) talc
d) calcite

All minerals have
a) a definite chemical composition
b) similar colors
c) a hardness rating from 1-20
d) the ability to scratch other minerals

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