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Which step includes feedback from the teacher and is usually NOT graded?
a) Guided practice
b) Anticipatory set
c) Review
d) Independent practice

Which step includes the "hook"?
a) Review
b) Stating the objective
c) Anticipatory Set
d) Check for understanding

Examples for this step would include eye contact, oral questioning, and hand signals.
a) Input and Modeling
b) Check for understanding
c) Independent practice
d) Stating the objective

Which step involves laying out goals and expectations for the lesson?
a) Review
b) Input and modeling
c) Stating the Objective
d) Independent practice

This step could involve using graded projects, presentations, essays, or tests.
a) Anticipatory set
b) Check for understanding
c) Guided practice
d) Independent practice

Which of Hunter's steps involve reinforcing student's knowledge before the lesson begins?
a) Review
b) Input and modeling
c) Guided practice
d) Stating the objective

Input and modeling is...
a) Giving students tests
b) Stating expectations for the lesson
c) Clearly explaining lesson, using diagrams and visual aid
d) using a "hook" to engage students

Madeline Hunter was born in...
a) The United States
b) Spain
c) Canada
d) Germany

When was Madeline Hunter born?
a) 1825
b) 1916
c) 2012
d) 1994

What major school was Hunter associated with?
a) Virginia Tech
b) JMU
c) Bridgewater College

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