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Huge pieces of lithosphere that slowly move on the asthenosphere, and consist of the crust and the rigid, upper most part ofthe mantle
a) Tectonic Plates
b) Dinner Plates
c) Subduction Plates
d) Volcanic Plates

Major geological events that occur when a dense plate subducts below a less dense plate as they converge
a) Subduction
b) Volcanic Eruptions
c) Tectonic Plates
d) Earthquakes

Occurs when one plate is denser than another and is forced below as the two plates converge at their boundary
a) Convergent
b) Divergent
c) Subduction
d) Earthquakes

Major geological events that occur when plates shift suddenly and release stored energy; a frequent occurrence at transform boundaries
a) Volcanic Eruptions
b) Divergent Boundaries
c) Transform Boundaries
d) Earthquakes

Movement of plates create dense oceanic crust that sinks lower in the asthenosphere than the less dense continental crust, resulting in depressions on Earth's surface that fill wi
a) Ocean Basins
b) Divergent Boundary
c) Convergent Boundary
d) Plate Tectonics

Theory that the lithosphere is divided into tectonic plates that slowly move on top of the asthenosphere
a) Plate Tectonics
b) Crust
c) Alfred Wegener
d) Sea Floor Spreading Evidence

Process in which the ocean floor is extended when two plates move apart.
a) Ocean Floor
b) Sea Floor Spreading Evidence
c) Sea Basin
d) Ocean Basin

The boundary between two tectonic plates moving away from each other; on land creates rift valleys, on the sea floor created new ocean crust
a) Transform Boundary
b) Convergent Boundary
c) Divergent Boundary
d) Mountain Building

The boundary between two tectonic plates moving toward each other; results in volcanic activity when a denser ocean plate subducts below a continental plate or mountain building
a) Convergent Boundary
b) Mountain Building
c) Volcanic Eruptions
d) Ocean Basin

The boundary between two plated that slide pass one another; sudden shifts result in major geological events such as earthquakes and the release of stored energy
a) Transform Boundary
b) Continental Plate
c) Oceanic Plate
d) Dinner Plate

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