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This is the quickest method of travel, but not direct to city centres.
c) SEA
d) AIR

This document provides a detailed programme of events for the business trip
a) Passport
b) Visa
c) Itinerary

This document provides limited health insurance within the European Union
a) Passport
b) Travel Insurance
c) Visa

Employees must complete this to be reimbursed for money paid out during their business trip for business items.
a) Itinerary
b) Passport
c) Expense Claim Form
d) Receipt

This method of payment allows you to buy goods, and pay for them later. Saves carrying large sums of money around
a) Debit Card
b) Credit Card
c) Loyalty Card
d) Travel Card

Which document is used to gather the information required to make the necessary arrangements for a business trip
a) Travel and Accommodation Request Form
b) Travel Booking Form
c) Accommodation Order Form
d) Expense Claim Form

Which of the following business expenses can be prepaid?
a) lunch and dinner
b) flights and accommodation
c) road toll and petrol
d) car hire and lunch

Which electronic source of information could be used to make all business travel arrangements
a) DVD
b) Teletext
c) Internet
d) Fax

Which of the following checks should be made prior to reimbursing travel expenses?
a) arithmetic to ensure totals are correct
b) receipts are correct and attached
c) budget limits are adhered to
d) all of the above

This method of travel can be expensive, but is useful if travelling from city to city. Employees can even work whilst they travel, but no seat guaranteed if not booked.
a) Air
b) Road
c) Sea
d) Rail

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