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Which of these statements about frequency is true?
a) Waves with long wavelengths have high frequencies.
b) Waves with long wavelengths have low frequencies.
c) Visible light has higher frequency than any other EM waves.
d) There is no relationship between wavelength and frequency.

What two properties of an EM wave change as you move from one part of the EM spectrum to another?
a) Wavelength and frequency
b) Distance and energy
c) Speed and energy
d) Mechanical waves and compression waves

Why does grass appear green?
a) It absorbs all wavelengths of light and then admits only green.
b) It reflects green light and absorbs all other wavelengths.
c) It absorbs green light and reflects all other wavelengths.
d) It reflects all wavelengths of light and green is the brightest.

Which of the following shows electromagnetic waves in order from highest to lowest energy level?
a) Radio waves, gamma rays, microwaves
b) Ultraviolet light, gamma rays, infrared light
c) X-rays, ultraviolet light, radio waves
d) X-rays, radio waves, ultraviolet light

Which type of wave has the shortest wavelength?
a) Gamma
b) X-ray
c) Microwave
d) All have the same wavelength

X-ray devices use electromagnetic waves to create images that let doctors see inside the human body. Which best describes how x-rays are able to help create these images?
a) X-rays cause bones of the human body to give all of visible light
b) X-rays, soft tissue of the human body to become transparent
c) X-rays pass through soft tissue and are absorbed by hard tissue
d) X-rays change speed when they move from one material to the another

The frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum with the highest energy are of...
a) Infrared light
b) X-rays
c) Gamma rays
d) Microwaves

Visible light has a higher frequency than...
a) X-rays
b) Ultraviolet rays
c) Infrared rays
d) Gamma rays

The portion of the electromagnetic spectrum most useful to living things is...
a) Blacklight
b) Infrared radiation
c) Ultraviolet radiation
d) Visible light

In order for the human body to make vitamin D, some exposure to what kind of lightwave is necessary?
a) Infrared waves
b) Microwaves
c) Ultraviolet waves
d) X-rays

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