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Which chamber of the heart receives most of the blood returning from the brain?
a) left ventricle
b) right ventricle
c) left atrium
d) right atrium

In the human heart, the muscular structure of the ventricles enables them to
a) pump blood a greater distance than the atria can
b) carry only oxygenated blood
c) carry only deoxygenated blood
d) pump blood directly into the atria

The human heart is separated into left and right sides. This type of structure provides for the
a) separation of oxygenated blood from deoxygenated blood
b) prevention of blood clots in the ventricles
c) pumping of blood directly into the atria from the ventricles
d) circulation of blood in an open circulatory system

Which statement most accurately describes the human heart?
a) It has two atria and one ventricle, and it pumps blood directly into veins
b) It has one atrium and one ventricle, and it is composed of cardiac muscle
c) It has one atrium and two ventricles, and is composed of visceral muscle
d) It has two atria and two ventricles, and it pumps blood directly into arteries.

For blood to pass through the heart from the left atrium to the left ventricle, it must FIRST pass through
a) an artery
b) a valve
c) a vein
d) a capillary

The concentration of oxygen is highest in the blood flowing through the
a) superior vena cava
b) inferior vena cava
c) pulmonary vein
d) pulmonary artery

Pulmoary circulation is described as
a) blood moving to and from the brain
b) blood moving to and from the lungs
c) worn-out blood cells being removed by the liver
d) intercellular fluid passing through lymph vessels

To determine heart rate, a student should count the pulsations per minute in
a) a vein
b) a capillary
c) an artery
d) a lymph vessel

The thick, muscular vessels that transport blood away from the heart are the
a) arteries
b) atria
c) veins
d) ventricles

Which type of vessel normally contains valves that prevent the backward flow of materials?
a) artery
b) arteriole
c) capilllary
d) vein

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