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What event led Texans to decide to attack at San Antonio
a) Texans captured a Mexican soldier who explained the Mexican army was nearby and vulnerable
b) Texans captured Santa Anna
c) The Texans felt it would be a good idea since the weather was good.
d) The Texans felt if they did not they would eventually loose the revolution.

Which individual became the President of the Consultation of 1835?
a) Sam Houston
b) Stephen Austin
c) William Goyens
d) Branch T Archer

Which of the following became the final event prior to Texans seeking independence?
a) Stephen F Austin's release from prison
b) Ben Milam's death
c) Branch T Archers election to the Consultation
d) Sam Houston becoming commander in chief of the Texas army.

Which document was created at the Consultation of 1835?
a) Constitution of 1824
b) Turtle Bayou Resolution
c) Declaration of Nov 7th, 1835
d) Declaration of Independence

The pro-peace group was interested in?
a) Complete independence from Mexico
b) Only in separate statehood
c) Separate statehood and the opportunity to operate under the federalist Constitution of 1824.
d) The creation of an independent constitution for their own country.

Which form of government does the Constitution of 1824 support?
a) Centralism
b) Communism
c) Socialism
d) Federalism

Was the Grass Fight a complete waste of time?
a) Yes, the grass feed was of no value to the Texans
b) No, the Texans managed to take feed away from the Mexican armies source of transportation, horses
c) Yes, they had hoped for silver
d) No, because they did find silver

Which of the following in the list does not go with Federalism?
a) one level of government
b) community involvement
c) representation of the people
d) local authority

The Declaration of Nov 07th stated?
a) Texans were declaring complete independence from Mexico
b) Texans wanted only the Constitution restored so they could become a separate state.
c) Santa Ann would have to restore the Constitution of 1824 or Texans would fight on for independence.
d) They wanted there Constitution restored and nothing else

These two meetings shared the same requests (petitions) for change.
a) Declaration and Turtle Bayou Resolution
b) Conventions of 1832 and 1833
c) Consultation and Declaration of 1835
d) Conventions of 1823 and 1824

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