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On their walks through the city, Squeaky keeps Raymond on the inside close to the buildings because he
a) is subject to fits of fantasy
b) may out run her
c) looks so odd
d) needs to know who is boss

Why is Squeaky in doubt about the outcome of the May Day race?
a) The finish is so close.
b) She is thinking about Raymond.
c) She is thinking about the spelling bee.
d) The crowd is so noisy she can't hear the announcer.

Which of the following best summarizes Squeaky's realization that coaching Raymond is more important than who won the race?
a) You can't be good at everything at once.
b) Raymond is a burden from which she will never be free.
c) Generosity is more important than pride.
d) She's got to have a good excuse in case she didn't win the race.

How does Squeaky feel about the fact that she has to take care of Raymond?
a) She wishes he would pay attention sometimes.
b) She is glad to do it because it gives her a sense of importance.
c) She doesn't mind because he really takes care of himself.
d) He sometimes gets in her way when she is trying to practice running.

In Raymond's Run, when Mary Louise asks Raymond what grade he is in, her tone is
a) friendly
b) loving
c) puzzled
d) bullying

What does Squeaky do that supports the inference that her identity and individuality are important to her?
a) insists that Mr. Pearson use her real name.
b) performs as a strawberry in a school play
c) refuses to let her brother watch her race
d) gives several nicknames to her brother

What happens when Squeaky meets Gretchen and her friends on the street?
a) Squeaky tries to have a conversation, but Raymond interrupts her.
b) The girls try to make Squeaky feel bad, but she defends herself.
c) The girls are being nice, but Squeaky misunderstands them and fights them.
d) Squeaky tries to start a fight with the girls, but Raymond stops it.

Why does Squeaky get upset when Mary Louise talks to Raymond?
a) Squeaky is jealous of her.
b) Squeaky does not want her to make fun of Raymond.
c) Mary Louise speaks too loudly.
d) Mary Louise is a faster runner than Squeaky.

Squeaky's main objection to Mary Louise is that she is
a) insecure
b) ungrateful
c) dishonest
d) too loud

A regular prodigy. What is a prodigy?
a) a person with an exceptional talent
b) someone with a mental condition
c) someone who needs to practice
d) a person who has many goals

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