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These pictorial represent data in Excel
a) Charts
b) Graphs
c) Legends
d) Gridlines

This is the background for the chart. It can be filled with a color or pattern
a) Background
b) Chart Area
c) Fill
d) Chart Title

This is a horizontal or vertical line that extends across the plot area to make it easier to read and follow the values
a) Tick Mark
b) Data Point
c) Gridline
d) Value Axis

This is an optional title or name for the chart
a) Heading
b) Category Title
c) Plot Area
d) Chart Title

This is an object that explains the symbols, patterns, or colors used to differentiate the series in the chart.
a) Legend
b) Dictionary
c) Embedded Chart
d) Category Axis

This is the rectangular area bounded by the category and value axes
a) Data Point
b) Plot Area
c) Data Point
d) Category Axis

This is created from the row or column headings in the data. A category describes what is shown in the chart
a) Value Axis
b) Data Series
c) Category Axis
d) Data Marker

This is an optional title for the chart’s categories
a) Graph Title
b) Legend
c) Embedded Chart
d) Category Title

A chart that displays on the same worksheet as the data
a) Embedded Chart
b) Value Axis
c) Graph
d) Gridline

Shows the values on the chart. Excels creates a range of values (the scale) based on the data
a) Category Axis
b) Value Axis
c) Row Headings
d) Gridlines

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