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Which system is best identified by skull, mandible, maxilla, femur and ribs?
a) Skeletal System
b) Circulatory System
c) Respiratory System
d) Endocrine System

Which systems is best identified by delivering oxygen, hormones, and removing waste.
a) Circulatory System
b) Respiratory System
c) Excretory System
d) Nervous System

This system moves food through the digestive system and allows the body to move
a) Muscular System
b) Nervous System
c) Skeletal System
d) Ribosomal System

This system is primarily known for secreting hormones into blood and other body fluids
a) Endocrine System
b) Circulatory System
c) Excretory System
d) System of a Down

This system supplies oxygen to the blood and removes carbon dioxide.
a) Respiratory System
b) Circulatory System
c) Nervous System
d) Endocrine System

This identifies the digestive system
a) Stomach, mouth, and absorbing water
b) Brain, Spinal Chord, helps move the body
c) Produces new life
d) lungs, trachea, larynx, brain, heart

This system is made of hair, skin and nails.
a) Integumentary
b) Circular
c) Reproductive
d) Excretory

This system is made of the brain and dendritic connections
a) Nervous System
b) Circular System
c) Respiratory System
d) Reproductive System

This system uses the kidneys and lungs.
a) Excretory
b) Circular
c) Reproductive
d) Muscular

The reproductive system can help create
a) Little bitty babies with the big big sideburns
b) New car scent
c) Only one of the other organ systems
d) The difference between a bird and turtle

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