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This is the name for a magnetized needle that can spin freely and align with the Earth’s magnetic field.
a) compass
b) electroscope
c) multimeter
d) domain

This is what sneaks in the Magnetic North and South Poles to create auroras.
a) solar wind
b) meteors
c) Van Allen Belts
d) magnetosphere

This imaginary line on the Earth is perpendicular to our axis of rotation.
a) The Equator
b) magnetic declination
c) Magnetic Poles
d) The Prime Meridian

This is the angle of difference between the Magnetic North and the Geographic North Pole.
a) magnetic declination
b) paralax
c) none of these answers
d) elevation

This is the name for a magnetic rock.
a) Lodestone
b) Pyrite
c) Magnetosphere
d) none of these answers

This is the name of the man who discovered that the Earth had magnetic properties.
a) Sir William Gilbert
b) John Henry
c) Michael Farraday
d) Benjamin Franklin

This is a way you can destroy a magnets magnetism.
a) all of these answers
b) strike it hard
c) heat it up
d) unalign its domains

This is what happens when you cut a magnet in half.
a) You get two magnets each with their own North and South poles
b) You get two magnets with just South poles
c) You get two magnets with just North poles
d) You get a magnet with just a North pole and a magnet with just a South pole

This is how the domains should look in a Magnet.
a) lined up in the same direction
b) magnets don\'t have domains
c) constantly spinning
d) pointing in random directions

Magnetic field lines go from:
a) North to South
b) the ends to the middle
c) middle to the ends
d) South to North

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