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Amictic eggs would
a) be infertile and not develop
b) be diploid and develop without fertilization
c) be haploid and only develop if fertilized
d) lack yolk

In contrast to the function of our bodies, nematode is unusual in so far as it
a) lacks circular muscles to antagonize the longitudinal muscles and must rely on the rigid cuticle and hydrostatic pressure
b) extends muscle cells to the nerve process
c) does not use the Krebs cycle and electron transport chain in anaerobic parasitic species
d) all of the choices are unusual nematode adaptations

If the main disease symptom is anemia (low red blood cell count) the most likely nematode parasite is
a) Trichinella
b) Ascaris
c) pinworm
d) hookworm

Dogs commonly suffer from heartworm caused by
a) Dirofilaria nematodes
b) a tapeworm consumed in raw meat
c) nematodes consumed as eggs in contaminated water
d) eating raw meat infected with Trichinella

Copulatory spicules function to
a) attract the female
b) deliver sperm to the female vagina or gonopore
c) store sperm in the male until copulation occurs
d) store sperm in the female after copulation

If you are discovered to have an infection of Ascaris worms, your most likely danger is
a) anemia
b) destruction of tissues as it migrates through your body
c) blockage of the intestines
d) starvationfrom lack of nutrition because it is absorbing all you food

The mild nematode infection somewhat common among children in the southern U.S. and transmitted as eggs from the anal to oral regions by the hands is
a) Trichinella
b) Ascaris
c) pinworm
d) hookworm

a) are called spiny-headed worms
b) are rare
c) are found in the host's liver
d) are free-living as adults but parasitic on arthropods as juveniles

Which of the following is NOT correct about nematodes
a) there are three layers of tissues in the body
b) nematodes lack circular muscles
c) the body cavity provides a hydrostatic skeleton
d) nematodes are all carnivores but may be free-living or parasitic

In what two roundworm parasite cycles do worms get coughed up and swallowed in order to complete their cycle
a) ascaris and hookworm
b) ascaris and hookworm
c) elephantiasis and trichina
d) hookworm and trichina

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