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Laboratory aprons are for :
a) the protection of you and your clothes
b) wiping your hands on
c) others to hang up
d) when you are wearing your best clothes

You must wear approved eye protection while in the laboratory:
a) to improve your vision
b) sometimes, depending on the lab activity
c) to avoid cataracts
d) if you wear contacts

If flammable liquids such as alcohol are spilled:
a) let them dry up
b) clean them up at once
c) tell the teacher immediately
d) both b and c

To remove an electrical plug from its socket you should:
a) pull on the plug itself
b) pull on the cord
c) pull on the appliance
d) none of the above

To be able to put out a fire quickly and safely, you should know:
a) how to use the extinguisher
b) where the extinguishers are located
c) who is responsible for using the extinguisher
d) all of the above

When you use laboratory equipment and/or chemicals, you should give the procedure all of your:
a) interest
b) attention
c) effort
d) all of these

Chemicals, small parts, glassware, and stirring rods are to be:
a) treated with respect
b) used properly
c) stored properly
d) all of the above

Safety glasses provide more protection than:
a) regular glasses
b) contact lenses
c) sun glasses
d) all of these

To put out a fire in a person's hair or clothing, use:
a) the fire blanket
b) water in the sink
c) the wind produced from running
d) the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

If you think there is something wrong with a piece of equipment you are using, stop, turn it off, and tell:
a) your best friend
b) the teacher
c) another student
d) the custodian

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