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To provide evidence to prove your position
a) Function
b) Develop
c) Defend
d) Support

Facts or details that prove something
a) Describe
b) Evidence
c) Product
d) Generalization

To simplify a numerical sentence or expression
a) Function
b) Percent
c) Evaluate
d) Solve

To become more complex means to
a) Develop
b) Solve
c) Process
d) Characterize

To reach a decision or answer based on evidence or facts
a) Develop
b) Generalize
c) Simplify
d) Determine

To explain using specific details
a) Trend
b) Specific
c) Describe
d) Product

To support a decision using evidence or facts
a) Describe
b) Defend
c) Solve
d) Evaluate

To reach a final answer or decision based on evidence or facts
a) Describe
b) Process
c) Conclusion
d) Support

To provide evidence to prove your position
a) support
b) develop
c) primarily
d) product

The summary of the main idea
a) Product
b) Process
c) Generalization
d) Evidence

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