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Pseudocoelomate Animals: Roundworms And Rotifers. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

the name hookworms is due to the fact they
a) cluster in blood vessels in the liver and clog the veins
b) burrow constantly through muscle tissues
c) hook onto the intestine and consume blood and tissue fluids ausing anemia
d) have an anterior end that curves like a hook

Elephantiasis is transferred by
a) eating uncooked elephant meat
b) worms burrowing into skin of feet
c) drinking contaminated water or food
d) mosquitoes injecting larval worms into the bloodstream

Which of the following is NOT a factor that protects North Americans from many parasitic worm infections
a) much of the U.S. has bitter cold winters
b) most of the population wears shoes
c) we usually cook our meat and there are few raw meat dishes
d) we have superior drugs and surgeons

Elephantiasis is an enlargement of legs, arms, scrotum, and other tissues caused by
a) an infection of the human coelom by Ascaris
b) a large number of Trichinella worms encysting in our muscles
c) contracting a disease that usually occurs in elephants
d) microscopic nematodes that reproduce and clog lymph glands, causing infection and limbs to swell

The mastax of a rotifer is used for
a) respiration
b) capturing and grinding food
c) swimming
d) pumping blood

Which of these parasites does NOT enter the mouth of its human host and leave as eggs with the human feces
a) tapeworm
b) pinworm
c) Ascaris
d) hookworm

The parasite found in the U.S. where people contract it by eating poorly cooked pork, bear meat, etc
a) Trichinella
b) ascaris
c) pinworm
d) hookworm

Rotifers get their name from
a) swimming in circles
b) feeding on decomposing material
c) circles of beating cilia that appear to be rotating wheels
d) their ability to tumble across the pond bottom

Which of these is not a nematode?
a) ascaris
b) trichinella
c) wucheria
d) schistosoma mansoni

juvenile trichinella worms live in the
a) liver
b) lungs
c) intestines
d) skeletal muscle

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