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The process in which an egg is released from an ovary.
a) Ovulation
b) Fertilization
c) Menstration
d) Birth

Hormone produced by the ovaries
a) Testosterone
b) Adrenaline
c) Estrogen
d) Sweat

Hormone produced by the testes
a) Estrogen
b) Testosterone
c) Adrenaline
d) Sweat

Name of the organ system that contains glands that produce hormones
a) Endocrine System
b) Excretory System
c) Reproductive System
d) Circulatory System

Joining of sperm and egg is called...
a) Embryo
b) Ovulation
c) Fertilization
d) Sperm

What type of reproduction can happen with only one "parent" cell?
a) Asexual Reproduction
b) Sexual Reproduction
c) Single Reproduction
d) No kind of reproduction happens this way

Mitosis occurs when...
a) Never
b) Two cells mate and make a baby cell
c) One cell divides into four cells
d) One cell divides into two identical cells

Amniotic sac does what for the growing fetus?
a) Gives it nutrients
b) Cushions and protects it
c) Helps it breathe
d) Does not help

How are identical twins formed?
a) Two eggs are fertilized by two sperm and they both grow in the uterus
b) One egg is fertilized by two sperm
c) One sperm fertilizes one egg, during cell division the zygote splits in two
d) Two eggs are fertilized by one sperm

After delivery, the uterus pushes the placenta and other membranes out of the uterus. What stage of birth is this?
a) Delivery
b) Afterbirth
c) Labor
d) Birth

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