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What percentage of an Iceberg is visible, above sea level?
a) 90%
b) 85%
c) 20%
d) 10%

The 10% of an Iceberg that is seen above sea level is known as...
a) The Human Phenomena
b) The Visual Phenomena
c) The Iceberg Phenomena
d) The What You See Phenomena

The biggest part of human beings that others can not fully see is their...
a) Secrets
b) Attitude
c) Feelings
d) Thinking

The part of human beings that others can see is their
a) Knowledge and Skills
b) Friendship and Skills
c) Communication and Skills
d) Ability and Skills

What others know about you, is your
a) Motive
b) Feelings
c) Behavior
d) Mind

Your Motivies, Ethics and Beliefs impacts your Attitude. Values, Standards and Judgement impacts your
a) Friendship
b) Behavior
c) Attitude
d) Feelings

A persons attitude can be both Positive and
a) Friendly
b) Bad
c) Good
d) Negative

Which is an example of an attitude?
a) Being happy
b) Being trustworthy
c) Enjoying fishing
d) Keeping friends

Which is an example of an attitude
a) Building a house
b) Inventing a new product
c) Keeping friends
d) Seeing the good in a bad situation

All are examples of a Negative attitude except
a) Seclusion
b) Sadness
c) Jealousy
d) Hating

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