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What kind of fossils form when minerals replace soft parts?
a) petrified or permineralized fossils
b) casts
c) molds
d) trace fossils

What kind of fossils help scientists determine the age of rock layers?
a) item fossils
b) none of these
c) trace fossils
d) index fossils

Ms. Strickland is older than her students. This is an example of what type of dating?
a) absolute
b) can be any of these
c) relative
d) nonrelative

What parts below would make the best fossils?
a) hair
b) teeth
c) tissue
d) skin

A scientist who studies fossils is known as a:
a) geologist
b) astrologist
c) paleontologist
d) meteorologist

In an undisturbed geological sequence the older layer is most always on the :
a) top
b) bottom
c) can be anywhere
d) middle

Fossils form best when the dead animal is:
a) left out in the open
b) not buried at all
c) buried near water
d) buried at the base of a volcano

This is an example of one of the earliest index fossils:
a) ammonite
b) oak tree fossil
c) camel fossil
d) trilobite

Type of rock that forms intrusions when magma or lava melt and then cool and harden.
a) sedimentary
b) none of these
c) metamorphic
d) igneous

What does the fossil record tell you about the earth's surface?
a) what color the animals were
b) none of these
c) the exact age of animals
d) what type of climate was on earth during certain periods, and what animals were present

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