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Which of the following types of business organizations does not have to pay tax
a) non profit corp
b) c corp
c) llc
d) sole proprietorship

What are the people who own part of a corporation?
a) shareholders
b) customers
c) clients
d) partners

what is the biggest disadvantage of a sole proprietorship?
a) high liability
b) low liability
c) high taxes
d) amount of paperwork

which of the following does not involve paperwork to start the business?
a) sole proprietorship
b) llc
c) s corp
d) municipal corporation

which of the following gives each partner equal liability
a) general partnership
b) limited partnership

which of the following combines low taxes with low liability?
a) llc
b) sole proprietorship
c) partnership
d) corporation

high taxes, low liability
a) corporation
b) sole prop
c) llc
d) partnership

which of the following is used by cities?
a) municipal corp
b) corp
c) llc
d) partnership

a business that you can own underneath a parent company is a
a) franchise
b) general partnership
c) corp
d) llc

low taxes high liability
a) sole prop
b) corp
c) llc
d) municipal corp

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