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When lava cools quickly on Earth’s surface, what type of igneous rock does it form?
a) Intrusive
b) Extrusive
c) Outer
d) Outer

____ rocks are formed from rock particles broken down into small pieces by the rock cycle.
a) Sedimentary
b) Metamorphic
c) Igneous
d) All of the above

What is the name of sedimentary rock formed from gravel pieces greater than 2 mm?
a) Mudstone
b) Sandstone
c) Limestone
d) Conglomerate

Sand particles are joined together to form the sedimentary rock called:
a) mudstone.
b) sandstone.
c) conglomerate.
d) limestone.

Rocks that are formed from the remains of tiny shells of marine plants and animals are called:
a) mudstone.
b) sandstone.
c) limestone.
d) conglomerate.

When layers of sediment are pressed together, it is known as:
a) cementing.
b) compaction.
c) crystallizing.
d) intrusive.

Metamorphic rocks are formed from:
a) cooling of magma.
b) cooling of lava.
c) heat and pressure
d) compaction of sediment.

Which of the following processes change sediments into sedimentary rock?
a) Melting and solidification
b) Compression and cementing
c) Extrusion and intrusion
d) Metamorphism

Where are sedimentary rocks usually found?
a) In many areas on most of the continents
b) In regions of recent volcanic activity
c) Deep within Earth’s crust
d) In regions where there are glaciers

Which of the following is a sedimentary rock made from ancient plant remains?
a) Mudstone
b) Granite
c) Bituminous coal
d) Rock gypsum

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