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When limestone is heated and squeezed it forms:
a) marble
b) granite
c) basalt
d) gneiss

Which term is not part of the commonly accepted definition of a mineral?
a) Metamorphic
b) Naturally Occurring
c) Solid
d) Defined Chemical Composition

How can you use the hardness of a rock to help identify what type of mineral it is?
a) Crush it with a hammer.
b) Drop it onto a hard surface.
c) Use it to scratch other solid materials of known hardness.
d) By cooling and solidifying magma or lava

A student broke a mineral sample with the tap of a hammer. It broke along flat surfaces. Which property was the student investigating?
a) Density
b) Specific gravity
c) Cleavage
d) Porosity

Classifying rocks as igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic is based on differences in:
a) their age.
b) their particle size.
c) their hardness.
d) how they are formed.

Which of the following minerals is LESS hard than diamond?
a) Emerald
b) Muscovite
c) Quartz
d) All of the above

A glassy igneous rock that cools quickly, preventing crystals from forming is:
a) limestone.
b) granite.
c) obsidian.
d) pumice.

The size of the crystals of igneous rocks is determined by:
a) how fast the magma melts.
b) how fast the magma cools.
c) where the magma flows from the volcano.
d) when the magma flows from the volcano.

Which of the following characteristics is most TRUE of igneous rocks cooled slowly, deep underground?
a) Small crystals
b) Large crystals
c) Gas bubbles
d) Glassy appearance

How do igneous rocks form?
a) Under low pressure and at low temperatures
b) By erosion
c) By compression
d) By cooling and solidifying magma or lava

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