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Which of the following is part of a valid process for supporting a hypothesis?
a) experimentation
b) altering results
c) limited research
d) single trials

The sun emits energy by converting hydrogen into helium. What is this process called?
a) fusion
b) fission
c) sunspot formation
d) solar wind

When Venus passes between the Earth and the sun, it is visible as a tiny black dot on the sun's bright disk. Why is Mars never visible in this same way?
a) The orbit of Mars is outside that of the Earth's orbit
b) The orbit of Mars is more eccentric than that of Venus
c) Mars is too small to be seen against the backdrop of the sun
d) Mars shines too brightly to be visible against the sun

Which planet rotates the fastest?
a) Jupiter
b) Mars
c) Saturn
d) Mercury

Metamorphic rocks whose minerals are arranged in layers or bands are called
a) foliated
b) nonclastic
c) clastic
d) nonfoliated

Limestone is a valuable resource in Virginia because limestone can be processed to make
a) concrete
b) steel
c) plastic
d) plywood

You want to distinguish some samples of gold from fool's gold. What are the two best tests you could use?
a) specific gravity and streak
b) hardness and luster
c) luster and cleavage
d) hardness and cleavage

What is the primary bad effect of burning fossil fuels?
a) acid rain
b) offensive odors
c) sulfur poisoning of green plants and algae
d) thermal pollution because they burn so much hotter

Why does erosion not occur on the moon?
a) there is no wind or rain
b) the rock surface of the moon is too hard
c) there is no animal life
d) the gravitational pull of the moon is too weak

Which of these provides the best evidence of the environment in which an igneous rock was formed?
a) texture
b) size
c) color
d) thickness

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