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Americans should consume less of which foods in order to fight Type 2 Diabetes?
a) Vegetables
b) Fruits
c) Starches
d) Protein

Which of the following does not contain high fat?
a) Fried foods
b) Eggs
c) Cheese
d) Fruit yogurt

Which of these foods should be avoided to keep blood pressure low?
a) Watermelon
b) Soy sauce
c) Honey dew melon
d) Raisins

Which fresh herbs can be used to satiate the craving for sodium?
a) Thyme
b) Chives
c) Basil
d) All choices

Which of these foods is the best and the healthiest?
a) Whole grain foods
b) Unrefined white bread
c) A cream puff
d) Highly processed foods made with sugar

Which of these meals does not raise the blood cholestrol levels?
a) Some homemade biscuits with karo syrup and butter, fried pork chop and corn
b) Baked chicken steamed potatoes and a small salad
c) Fried catfish and coleslaw
d) Collard greens ham hocks corn bread with onion and tomatoes on the side

Which food group is severly lacking in most Americans diet?
a) Protein
b) Breads and Pasta
c) Vegetables and Fruit
d) Dairy

Which of the following has the highest antioxidant potential?
a) Prunes
b) Bread
c) Strawberies
d) Raspberries

Strawberries are the only fruit with seeds on the outside. About how many seeds are on the average strawberry?
a) 100
b) 200
c) 50
d) 25

Which of these is a healthy snack?
a) French fries and a hot dog
b) White bread loaded with jelly
c) A slice of pizza and a glass of milk
d) A handful of M M's

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