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Which of these should occur FIRST when a juvenile is taken into custody for unruly behavior?
a) The juvenile should be released from custody.
b) The arresting officer should appear before a judge or magistrate.
c) The intake officer should make a decision about detainment.
d) The legal guardians of the juvenile should be contacted.

What must officers promptly inform juveniles of when taken into custody?
a) the date of their trial
b) the rights to which they are entitled
c) the sentence they will receive
d) the amount of their bail

A juvenile can be tried in superior court is he or she has committed;
a) truancy
b) violating curfew
c) running away
d) murder

Tracy, a 16 year old student at City High School, is charged with Voluntary Manslaughter in the death of a local merchant. By state law, Tracy must be;
a) tried as an adult
b) released into parental custody
c) placed in Juvenile Court
d) sent to Youth Detention

Murder, voluntary manslaughter, rape, and armed robbery with a firearm result in what?
a) Behaviors requiring juveniles' detention in jail
b) crimes for which juveniles may be sentenced to the death penalty
c) deliquent behaviors that may subject juveniles to adult criminal processes
d) all behaviors considered unruly behavior by the State of Georgia

Which of these is a reason that a child may be transferred to Superior Court?
a) The child is over 14 years old and is alleged to have committed voluntary manslaughter.
b) The interests of the child and the community require transfer.
c) The demands of a victim, the police, or the community must be satisfied.
d) The child is 17 years old and is alleged to have committed attempted murder.

A juvenile in the state of Georgia is someone under the age of;
a) 18
b) 17
c) 16
d) 21

Which is considered one of Georgia's Seven Deadly Sins?
a) shoplifting
b) hijacking a bus
c) murder
d) using a fake ID

Juveniles who commits specific serious and violent crimes may be place under the jurisdiction of which state court?
a) superior
b) juvenile
c) supreme
d) magistrate

Delinquent juveniles are those who are;
a) are 17 years of age and commit serious traffic offenses.
b) are under 18 years of age and have been neglected or abused by parents or guardians.
c) are under 17 years of age and who commit acts that would be crimes if they were committed by adults.
d) under 18 and who commit acts that would not be considered crimes if they were committed by adults.

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