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Which term best describes the stored energy based on the position or chemical composition of an object?
a) kinetic energy
b) potential energy
c) activation energy
d) thermodynamic energy

Gravitational potential energy is a form of potential energy
a) caused by gravity alone.
b) caused by gravity and that depends on an object's position and mass.
c) caused by gravity and that depends on an object's mass, but not its position.
d) caused by gravity and that depends on an object's position, but not its mass.

Which of the following best describes kinetic energy?
a) static energy
b) thermal energy
c) potential energy
d) energy of motion

Kinetic energy is dependent on which of the following?
a) mass only
b) velocity only
c) temperature only
d) mass and velocity

Which equation represents the total energy of a system?
a) Total Energy = Kinetic Energy
b) Total Energy = Potential Energy + Gravity
c) Total Energy = Potential Energy + Kinetic Energy
d) Total Energy = Kinetic Energy + Activation Energy x Gravity

Which of the following best describes “the ability to do work”?
a) force
b) mass
c) energy
d) volume

There are several forms of energy. Which of the following is not a form of energy?
a) static
b) nuclear
c) mechanical
d) electromagnetic

Which form of energy is commonly created as a byproduct when energy changes from one form to another?
a) heat
b) nuclear
c) chemica
d) electromagnetic

Which of the following is a true statement about energy?
a) Energy can be created and destroyed.
b) Energy is never created nor destroyed.
c) Energy is easily created, but cannot be destroyed.
d) Energy cannot be converted from one form to another.

The wheels of a car are able to spin due to the combustion of gasoline inside the car's engine. What type of energy transfer best explains this process?
a) Mechanical energy is converted to light energy.
b) Mechanical energy is converted to heat energy.
c) Chemical energy is converted to mechanical energy.
d) Light energy is converted to electromagnetic energy.

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