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The function of the cell membrane is to...
a) To control the cell. This organelle acts as the \
b) This is the transport system in the cell.
c) Allows certain things that the cells needs to enter, while blocking out the things that cells do not
d) To create energy for the cell

All of these things enter the cell.
a) water, oxygen, food (sugar/nutrients)
b) food and carbon dioxide
c) oxygen and waste
d) carbon dioxide and water

Diffusion is the process in which
a) Particles move from an area of low concentration to an area of high concentration
b) Particles don't move.
c) Particles moves from an area of equal concentration to an area of low concentration
d) Particles move from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.

Diffusion occurs
a) Mostly in liquids and gases
b) NEVER in liquids or solids
c) ONLY in things that are living.
d) ONLY across the cell membrane

Osmosis can be described as
a) a process that helps cells duplicate
b) a process that ONLY lets things out of a cell.
c) Diffusion across a membrane
d) a process that ONLY lets things into a cell

Osmosis and Diffusion...
a) happen naturally and do not need energy
b) only occur in space
c) only occur under high pressure
d) need energy from the cell in order to work.

Diffusion occurs fastest in
a) solids
b) never
c) gases
d) liquids

The cell membrane contains...
a) 1 layer
b) 6 layers
c) 4 layers
d) 2 layers

Which of the following is NOT an example of diffusion
a) Air freshener spreading throughout a room
b) Adding baking soda and vinegar together
c) Heat transferring into the air surrounding it.
d) Food coloring spreading throughout a glass of water

When it comes to the cell membrane Which of the following is FALSE
a) The cell membrane is found outside of the cell wall in a plant cell.
b) The cell membrane acts as a gateway to let things in that the cell needs
c) The cell membrane acts as a barrier to protect the cell
d) Both plant and animal cells have a cell membrane

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