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Which of the following is not a choice for moving within a table?
a) tab
b) enter
c) arrow keys
d) mouse

Which way does a row go?
a) Vertical
b) Horizontal
c) Diagonal
d) Zig-Zag

Merging a cells means to
a) join
b) delete
c) align
d) move

Where a row and a column meet is called a
a) text box
b) cell
c) location
d) merge

A column is identified by a
a) number
b) letter
c) address
d) group

To create a table you use the ________________ tab.
a) Home
b) Insert
c) Page Layout
d) Review

The purpose of a table is to.....
a) have information centered
b) show the difference between a row and a column
c) organize and present information
d) have a place to eat

What is the position for a table on the page?
a) 2 inch top margin
b) centered vertically
c) 1 inch top margin
d) centered horizontally

Which of the following can be done to a column?
a) delete
b) insert
c) merge
d) all of the above

Ctrl + enter is the shortcut for...
a) page break
b) new line
c) a table
d) a new document

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