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What is the style of a business letter that is aligned at the left margin?
a) Block
b) Squared
c) Straight
d) Indented

Mixed punctuation has what type of punctuation in a letter?
a) Comma, No Colon
b) No Comma, Colon
c) No comma, No Colon
d) Colon, Comma

What style of punctuation has no colon and no comma?
a) Open
b) Mixed
c) Tight
d) Modified

Which one is NOT part of a letter?
a) Header/Footer
b) Letter Head
c) Date
d) Letter Address

What is the top margin of a letter?
a) 1
b) 1.5
c) .5
d) 2

Which one is not a special notation?
a) Date
b) Reference Initials
c) Enclosure
d) Copy

What is the line spacing of a letter?
a) Double
b) Single
c) Normal
d) Quadruple

Reference Initials are...
a) Who the letter is being sent to
b) The person who authored the letter
c) Who sent the letter
d) The person who keyed the letter and isn't the author

What is a proper style of letter?
a) Straight
b) Indented
c) Modified
d) Model

Logo, Return Address- City, State, Zip Code, Street Address, Phone #, Fax #, Web Address, are included in what part of a letter?
a) Header
b) Top
c) Letterhead
d) Letterblock

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