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ir de compras
a) to go shopping
b) to go to church
c) to go home
d) to see a movie

ver una película
a) to go shopping
b) to go to church
c) to go home
d) to see a movie

Me quedo en casa
a) I go home
b) I want to go home.
c) I stay at home.
d) I like to stay at home

el campo
a) the city
b) the countryside
c) the campgrounds
d) the store

a) When
b) Why
c) How
d) Where

a) Where?
b) Which
c) When
d) (To) Where?

¿De dónde eres?
a) Where are you from?
b) When are you going?
c) Why are you here?
d) What are you doing?

el trabajo
a) to work
b) the office
c) hardworking
d) work, job

los fines de semana
a) holidays
b) week
c) weekends
d) some days

a) afterwards
b) sometimes
c) tomorrow
d) soon

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