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Which of the following statements is true?
a) The surface of the earth stays the same.
b) Changes to the earth's surface are always slow.
c) Changes to the earth's surface are always rapid.
d) The surface of the earth is always changing.

What are the continent-sized slabs that move across Earth\'s surface called?
a) crusts
b) dinner plates
c) tectonic plates
d) faults

When two tectonic plates stick and then suddenly slide as they move past each other, what can occur?
a) a volcanic eruption
b) an earthquake
c) a hurricane
d) a snowstorm

The layers of the earth that are in constant motion are:
a) the crust and the upper mantle
b) the outer core and the inner core
c) the lower mantle and the crust
d) the upper mantle and the outer core

A break in the earth's crust along which rock moves is called a/n:
a) epicenter
b) vibration
c) fault
d) focus

Which of the following is NOT an example of a rapid process that changes the earth's surface?
a) a volcano
b) a landslide
c) physical weathering of rock
d) an earthquake

Volcanoes can be useful to people because volcanoes:
a) add minerals to the soil.
b) cause huge waves.
c) send out lava and gases that are very hot.
d) spread ash.

When wind blows against rocks, it:
a) does nothing to the rock.
b) adds sand to the rock, making the rock larger.
c) weathers the rock, wearing it away slowly.
d) quickly breaks the rock down.

A large basin that can form at the top of a volcano is a:
a) crater
b) crust
c) seismograph
d) magma

A geologist wrote many books on how rivers affect land. She described detailed observations made over a long time. Why do scientists record details about scientific observations?
a) to prove that scientists work hard
b) to provide evidence that supports conclusions
c) to make people want to read about science
d) to make science books more interesting

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