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The Daughters of Liberty decidied to _________, or not buy, British tea.
a) traitor
b) boycott
c) Loyalist
d) Stamp Act

A person who wanted to break from Britain, or supported the colonists' fight for freedom, was called a __________.
a) Patriot
b) boycott
c) Loyalist
d) Stamp Act

England made colonists angry when it enforced the __________ of 1765.
a) boycott
b) Loyalist
c) Stamp Act
d) Patriot

A person who wanted to stay a British citizen, or remained loyal to Britain during the Revolution, was called a __________.
a) traitor
b) boycott
c) Patriot
d) Loyalist

A colonist who turned against England was called a __________.
a) traitor
b) boycott
c) Patriot
d) Loyalist

The First Continental Congress decided to send __________.
a) tea back to England
b) Patrick Henry to prison
c) a petition to King George
d) soldiers to fight Britain

The first battle of the American Revolution was at __________.
a) Boston
b) Lexington
c) Charlestown
d) Bunker Hill

Some colonists worried that independence would mean __________.
a) the loss of British trade
b) the end of British taxes
c) French rule in the colonies
d) rising tobacco prices

Members of the Second Continental Congress sent __________.
a) tax payments to King George
b) George Washington to London
c) troops to Lake Champlain
d) the

The Declaration of Independence explained why the __________.
a) colonists could not buy tea
b) British taxes were too high
c) colonists wanted freedom
d) colonists needed England

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