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Most bacteria are classified in which kingdom?
a) Archaebacteria
b) Eubacteria
c) Protista
d) Fungi

What kind of organism thrives in hot springs and other extreme environments?
a) Archaebacteria
b) Eubacteria
c) Protists
d) Fungi

A pine tree is a member of the kingdom
a) Animalia.
b) Protista.
c) Fungi.
d) Plantae.

Some members of the kingdom Protista
a) have flagella.
b) are bacterial organisms.
c) are mushrooms.
d) have no nucleus.

Organisms in the kingdom ___ usually move by themselves and have advanced nervous systems that allow them to respond to their environment.
a) Fungi
b) Plantae
c) Animalia
d) Protista

Eubacteria do NOT
a) live in the human intestines.
b) convert milk to yogurt.
c) cause ear infections.
d) live in hot springs.

Fungi obtain nutrients by
a) performing photosynthesis.
b) eating food.
c) absorbing them from their surroundings.
d) All of the anwsers

Members of the kingdom ___ include such organisms as the mold that grows on bread.
a) Fungi
b) Plantae
c) Protista
d) Animalia

Some organisms in the kingdom ___ are able to live inside the human body.
a) Plantae
b) Animalia
c) Fungi
d) Eubacteria

Plantae, Animalia, and Protista are all names of
a) phyla.
b) kingdoms.
c) classes.
d) genera.

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