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Joe wants to buy a skateboard but he doesn\'t know if he has enough money. The price of the skateboard is $85 and the sales tax is 6%. What will be the total cost of the skateboard?
a) $5.10
b) $500.00
c) $90.10
d) $10.30

Chris bought a magazine for $5. If the sales tax was 6%, what was the total amount that he paid for the magazine?
a) $0.30
b) $9.40
c) $50.00
d) $5.30

Justin wants to buy an iphone 5 and it costs $350. The sales tax is 7%. How much will the iPhone 5 cost him?
a) $35.00
b) $374.50
c) $24.50
d) $100.00

Tyler bought a pair of Nike Shox which were $125. The sales tax was 7%. How much did Tyler pay for the sneakers?
a) $75.50
b) $59.30
c) $300.00
d) $133.75

How much will a $15 basketball cost after 9% tax?
a) $16.35
b) $85.90
c) $10.00
d) $24.00

Amy wants to buy a $24 gym bag and the tax is 8%. How much will the gym bag cost?
a) $30.00
b) $25.10
c) $64.90
d) $25.92

Find the total cost using the information provided: $15.75 music CD; 4% tax
a) $21.00
b) $16.38
c) $11.76
d) $54.50

What is the sales tax (not the total price of the truck) on a $17,500 truck if the tax rate is 6%?
a) $1,050
b) $5,000
c) $10,000
d) $20

Michael is buying a computer that normally sells for $890. The state sales tax is 6%. What is the total cost of the computer including tax?
a) $800
b) $25
c) $943.40
d) $75.50

Find the total price of a $17.50 soccer ball if the sales tax is 6%.
a) $18.55
b) $30.60
c) $19.99
d) $27

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