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EVERY signs are part of this group of signs.
a) Initialized
b) Noun-Verb Pairs
c) When
d) Wh-questions

Where are WHEN signs placed in a sentence?
a) Beginning
b) Middle
c) End
d) After the topic.

EVERY-FRIDAY moves this way to represent every Friday on the calendar.
a) Horizontal
b) Vertical
c) Circular
d) It stays still.

EVERY-AFTERNOON moves this way to represent every day of the week on the calendar.
a) Horizontal
b) Vertical
c) Circular
d) It stays still.

Use this sign to ask What for? or Why did you do that?
a) WHAT?
b) WHY?
d) DO-DO?

ASL uses this to organize information into groups.
a) When-signs
c) Noun-Verb Pairs
d) Spatial Organization

This organization advocates for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people.
a) DPN
b) ADA
c) NAD

This law prohibits discrimination based on disability.
a) IEP
b) DPN
c) NAD
d) ADA

What do most ASL signs for common hygiene products use to show their action or purpose?
a) Initialized Signs
b) Classifiers
c) When-signs
d) Noun-Verb Pairs

What ASL sign should you use to talk about wearing non-clothing accessories, jewelry, etc.?
c) USE

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