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A step-by-step process to achieve a goal. (describe and illustrate how to design new products or devices.
a) Additive Synthesis
b) Memory
c) Scientific Method
d) Algorithm

A calculation or procedure that produces a value close to the actual or perfectly computed one.
a) Exponential Function
b) Approximation
c) Output
d) Algorithm

A device that turns sound energy into electrical energy.
a) Microphone
b) Clef
c) Loudspeaker
d) Chord

A term referring to a quantity that takes on one of two different values. Often used when referring to base-two, or binary, numbers.
a) Hertz
b) Pitch
c) Chord
d) Binary

Physical devices, typically digital, used to store information such as data, music, pictures, video, or computer programs.
a) Memory
b) Synthesis
c) Score
d) Algorithm

The final product of a system or device. For example, the electrical version of audio sent to a stereo amplifier is the output of a CD player.
a) Amplitude
b) Output
c) Microphone
d) Input

Short for "binary digit." A bit takes on only the value 0 or 1.
a) Hertz
b) Binary
c) Bit
d) Byte

Eight consecutive bits
a) Hertz
b) Binary
c) Bit
d) Byte

Notation showing all parts or instruments.
a) Score
b) Clef
c) Spectrum
d) Synthesis

A waveform that grows or decays in a particular increasing or decreasing pattern.
a) Fundamental Frequency
b) Engineering Design Algorithm
c) Additive Synthesis
d) Exponential Function

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