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A star is born when
a) a nebula expands
b) a protostar begins to cool
c) nuclear fusion starts
d) helium and oxygen combine

A geneticist uses pedigrees to
a) create genetic crosses
b) trace the inheritance of traits through generations of families
c) prove that sex linked traits are caused by dominant alleles
d) replicate DNA

Waves are classified according to
a) their size
b) their source
c) how they travel
d) their shape

What happens during meiosis?
a) each sex cell loses half of its chromosomes
b) chromosome pairs remain together when new sex cells are formed
c) each sex cell copies itself to form four new chromosomes
d) chromosome pairs separate to form new sex cells

Down syndrome occurs most often when
a) a person inherits a recessive allele
b) blood fails to clot properly
c) sickle shaped cells become stuck in blood vessels
d) chromosomes fail to separate properly during meiosis

In which direction(s) do seismic waves travel from their point of origin?
a) north to south only
b) toward Earth\'s core only
c) in all directions
d) toward the equator only

At the full moon, the combined gravitational pulls of the sun and moon produce the biggest difference between low and hight tide, called
a) surface current
b) rip current
c) neap tide
d) spring tide

Why are sex linked traits more common in males than in females?
a) all alleles on X chromosomes are dominant
b) any allele on the Y chromosomee will be codominant with the matching allele on the X chromosome
c) a recessive allele on the X chromosome will produce the trait in a male
d) all alleles on the Y chromosome are recessive

One piece of evidence that supports the big bang theory is the observation that most galaxies are moving
a) toward our galaxy
b) away from one another
c) in random
d) toward one another

Stars are classified according to their
a) distance, size, color
b) size, brightness, temperature
c) color, brightness, temperature
d) size, distance, brightness

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