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once you click to insert a function, a dialog box will pop up where you input the function ___________
a) arguments
b) inputs
c) values
d) derivatives

to make a cell reference absolute,click on the cell reference IN THE FORMULA BAR and press the ______________ button
a) f4
b) f3
c) f5
d) shift

in order to name a group of cells, select the range, click in the ____________ and type the name
a) name box
b) formula bar
c) insert tab
d) cell range

when naming a group of cells, you are not allowed to have a space between words
a) true
b) false

it is possible to input values from one worksheet into another worksheet
a) true
b) false

this logical function returns one value if a condition is true and another value if the condition is false
a) IF
b) PMT

the nper argument in a pmt function refers to
a) the number of payments
b) the percentage rate of interest
c) the value of the loan
d) the number of persons involved in the loan

the table array argument is part of which function?
b) PMT
c) IF

you do not have to use the fx button or formula tab to insert a function
a) true
b) false

the fv argument in the pmt function will always (for our purposes) be ___
a) 0
b) 10
c) divided by 12
d) multiplied by 12

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