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formulas always begin with a(n)
a) =
b) )
c) (
d) *

the fx button...
a) inserts functions
b) shows the formula in the selected cell
c) is another name for the autosum button
d) clears formatting

which tab can you not use to insert a function?
a) insert
c) formulas
d) home

which is not an autosum function?
a) pmt
b) count numbers
c) min
d) max

there is more than one way to insert a function
a) true
d) false

this is a valid function.... =average a1:b2)
a) false
d) true

you can simply click on a cell to insert the cell reference into a function
a) true
d) false

the __________ function counts the number of cells that contain words or letters
a) counta
c) countif
d) count

the __________ function counts the number of cells that contain text or numbers that YOU specify
a) countif
c) count
d) counta

a(n) ____________ cell reference will change when you drag down the autofill handle
a) relative
d) absolute

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