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Which statement accurately compares governments in ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and the modern U.S.?
a) All Greek adults voted on issues. Citizens of the Roman republic elected reps to make decisions.
b) Greece and the U.S. are democracy whereas Rome was a republic.
c) Greek citizens voted on all issues. Citizens of the Roman republic elected reps to make decisions.
d) Athens (Greece), Rome, and the U.S. are all examples of republics with elected leaders.

Choose the incorrect statement.
a) Hypatia, Euclid, and Pythagoras were Greek mathematicians who contributed to the field of math.
b) Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were Greek thinkers called philosophers who emphasized questioning.
c) Hippocrates and Hypatia were Greek doctors who examined patients before treating.
d) Alexander the Great’s greatest contribution to the modern world was the spread of Greek ideas.

Which statement is false?
a) The United States is a direct democracy, like Athens.
b) In Greek direct democracy, citizens proposed and passed laws during assembly.
c) In the Roman republic, the Senate was the most important part of the government.
d) Both the Roman republic and the Greek direct democracy are forms of democracy because citizens vote.

Which statement is accurate.
a) Direct democracies vote on issues. Representative democracies vote for leaders who make decisions.
b) Direct democracies vote for leaders who make decisions. Representative democracies vote on issues.
c) Both direct and representative democracies have citizens who make all decisions through voting.
d) Only citizens in a representative democracy have any real power because they vote on all issues.

Which comparison between the American and Roman republics is NOT entirely accurate?
a) Both countries had/have written laws.
b) Both have a Senate and Assembly who make laws (legislative branch).
c) Both have executive leaders (president and consuls) who are elected for four years.
d) Both have three branches of government (executive, judicial, and legislative).

Which of the following did NOT aid in the spread of Christianity?
a) The writing and teaching of the gospels in the first century C.E.
b) The epistles (letters) and church building done by Paul in the first century C.E.
c) The conversion of the Roman emperor Constantine in the third century C.E.
d) The writing about Jesus’ life in the Torah in the second century C.E.

Which comparison between Judaism and Christianity is NOT true?
a) Both are monotheistic religions.
b) Both emphasize social justice and love.
c) Both believe God sent the Messiah Jesus.
d) Both have roots (started in) in Israel.

Which statements about Rome’s influence on American society are NOT true?
a) American architecture is influenced by Roman style (domes, pillars, and arches).
b) American law is influenced by Rome’s idea of natural law (everyone has rights from birth).
c) Roman thinkers and scholars influenced our math today, bringing us the study of shapes, geometry.
d) The Roman republic influenced the format of the American government (vote for reps, 3 branch govt).

The Greeks believed in many gods and thought them to be…
a) animals, like the Egyptian gods.
b) uninterested and very removed from Greek life.
c) very humanlike, with strengths and weaknesses.
d) easy to ignore and avoid worshipping.

Alexander the Great built cities (such as Alexandria, Egypt) with these features like an agora, a temple, a theater, and a university. Why did he design cities this way?
a) because he enjoyed watching people buy and sell their goods.
b) because he wanted the cities to be like Greek cities
c) because he believed people needed a public place to pray
d) because he thought it would encourage people to attend plays.

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