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Which Mesopotamian inventions helped provide a stable food supply?
a) seeds and plows
b) plows and wheels
c) oxen and irrigation
d) irrigation and plow

How did rivers help early humans?
a) they provided a means of transportation
b) they provided fish to eat and dangerous floods
c) the temperature was warmer near the river
d) they provided silt for fertile soil and water for irrigation

Which of the following statements is NOT a Sumerian religious belief?
a) Priests should hold the most power in society.
b) The Nile River is the sacred entryway into the afterlife.
c) The king is chosen by the gods
d) All crops are from the gods and so should be given back to them.

Choose the answer that does NOT make the sentence true: Under Hammurabi’s law code, the punishment…
a) was too harsh for people of higher status.
b) was designed to fit the crime.
c) was more severe for slaves.
d) was written for all to see.

Choose the answer that does NOT make the sentence true: Most Egyptian art and architecture contained…
a) faces drawn in profile (looking sideways).
b) hieroglyphic writing.
c) a religious theme.
d) faces drawn in profile (looking forward).

Which of the following was NOT a purpose of the Egyptian pyramids?
a) to show how great a Pharaoh was
b) to provide a burial place for a dead pharaoh
c) to serve as a Pharaoh’s home in the afterlife
d) to provide a burial place for important government officials

Which major belief of Judaism was most different from the beliefs of other ancient religions?
a) the importance of study
b) monotheism
c) equality and social justice
d) celebration of holy days

Which statement about the ancient Hebrews is false?
a) Abraham founded the Jewish religion based on belief in one God.
b) Moses received the 10 Commandments on top of Mount Sinai.
c) David led the Hebrews out of slavery in Egypt.
d) Yohanan ben Zaccai asked Romans for permission to build a Jewish school.

Which of the following did NOT help the Jewish religion to survive after the Diaspora and the Roman persecution of the Hebrews?
a) They built synagogues in new lands.
b) All men were allowed to read the Torah.
c) Romans allowed a Jewish school to be built.
d) Jewish children learned religion in public schools.

What was the relationship between the Sumerian and Egyptian views of life and the afterlife?
a) Both cultures were positive about life, but negative about the afterlife.
b) Egyptians had the more positive view about life and the afterlife.
c) Both cultures were negative about life, but positive about the afterlife.
d) Sumerians had the more positive view about life and the afterlife

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